It is with deep regret that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 Frist Gala. In light of the COVID-19 health crisis, we feel that canceling this year’s event is the wisest course of action.

This year’s event would have been the 17th annual Frist Gala, celebrating the museum’s presentation of J.M.W. Turner: Quest for the Sublime, organized in cooperation with Tate. Co-chairs Jody Hull and Lise Morrow worked tirelessly to create what would have been a spectacular Gala.

We would like to express our gratitude to our 2020 Patrons, including our Patron Party hosts: Laura and Jon Foster, Gwen and Frank Gordon, Corinne and Brock Kidd, Dorothy and Clay Sifford, and Jennifer and John Steele. We also thank our corporate underwriters for their generosity.

The Frist Gala raises approximately 25 percent of the Frist Art Museum’s annual contributed funds, which go toward the museum’s mission of presenting and originating high-quality exhibitions with related educational programs and community outreach activities. As we cancel the museum’s largest fundraising event, we ask that you consider making a gift in lieu of the tickets you would have purchased or making a general donation of any size. Follow the links below to make your gift.

As our world rapidly changes around us, we are reminded of the power of art to inspire, comfort, and reflect. Along with the Frist Gala co-chairs and committee, we thank you for your support. We are looking forward to the day we can once again welcome you through our doors.

Questions? Contact:
Alyssa Blades
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We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our 2020 Frist Gala Patrons.

Sea Society

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Bottorff
Richard and Judith Bracken
Mr. and Mrs. Jack O. Bovender, Jr.
Joanne Gillespie Cato
Laura and John Chadwick
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elcan
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Foster
Senator Bill and Mrs. Tracy Frist
Jennifer and Billy Frist
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Frist, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fearn Frist III
Mr. Peek and Mrs. Jennie Garlington
Bernice and Joel Gordon
Gwen and Frank Gordon
Glenna and Sam Hazen
Jody and Rob Hull
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. R. Milton Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Brock Kidd
Michael and Leigh Ann Marks
Neil Krugman and Lee Pratt
Robert S. Lipman
Lise and Will Morrow
Bill and Deb Reiner
Anne and Joe Russell
Bill and Nancy Rutherford
Dorothy and Clay Sifford
John and Jennifer Steele
Leslie and Bob Waterman

Sky Society

Vandana and Rick Abramson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry Banker
Mary and Lee Barfield
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barker
Amanda and Thomas Beck
Toni and Seth Bernstein
Phil and Amberly Billington
Clay R. Blevins
Cathy and Martin Brown, Jr.
Kathryn and David Brown
Lou Ann and Gary Brown
Louise and John Bryan
Daphne and Rawls Butler
Connie and Tom Cigarran
Sally and Neely Coble III
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Crumbo
Drs. Rowena and Michael Cuffe
Elizabeth and Bob Dennis
Marty and Betty Dickens
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge A. Dominicis
Jane Englebright and Brennan Breckenridge
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Eskind
Laurie and Steven Eskind
Drs. Randy and Heather Fagin
F. Tom and Judy Foster
Phyllis and Steve Fridrich
Ashley and Harrison Frist
Elizabeth and Bryan E. Frist
Karyn McLaughlin Frist
Amy and Frank Garrison
Noel and Richard Geer
Julie and Bob Gordon
Mrs. Kate Ransom Wilson Grayken
Claire and Jim Gulmi
Barbara and Greg Hagood
J.R. and Kailey Hand
Ms. Jenny Hannon
Carlana and Aubrey Harwell
Joanne F. Hayes
Susan and Chris Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Humphreys
Martha R. Ingram
Drs. Edmund and Lauren Jackson
Ashley and Robert Johnson
Nora and Kent Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Klaritch
Mr. and Mrs. Rob McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. McNamara III
Kerstin and Will Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Moore
Sandra and Matt Morgan
Marty and Rebecca Paslick
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Ben R. Rechter
Jan and Steve Riven
Delphine and Ken Roberts
Paul and Susan Rutledge
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Seabury III
Dee Anna and Hubie Smith
Scott and Lyn Sohr
Joe and Joanne Sowell
Joe N. and Brenda Steakley
Gloria and Paul Sternberg
Beth and Don Stinnett
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Turner, Jr.
Steve and Judy Turner
Julie and Breck Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Wallace
Eric and Elizabeth Ward
Kathi Whalen
Mr. and Mrs. Toby S. Wilt
Chris and Melissa Wyatt


This list is current as of June 5, 2020.


We rely on our Ladies and Gentlemens Committees every year.

Ladies’ Committee

Ms. Elizabeth M. Adams
Honey Alexander
Mrs. Cecil Dale Allen
Carolyn Amiot
Linda R. Anderson
Mrs. Michael Apperson
Lexie Armstrong
Janet Elizabeth Ayers
Mary Barfield
Candice C. Bass
Mrs. James O. Bass, Jr.
Debbie Best
Dixie Boston
Mary Margaret Bourbeau
Mrs. Barbara Bovender
Judith Bracken
Sylvia Bradbury
Cathy S. Brown
Mrs. David H. Brown
Lou Ann Brown
Mrs. Phillip Brown
Mrs. Mark Brueggen
Mrs. John A. Brunger
Frances Bryan
Nancy Bunting
Daphne Butler
Barry Caldwell
Joanne Gillespie Cato
Kerri Cavanaugh
Laura Chadwick
Mrs. James H. Cheek III
Ms. Doreatha H. Churchwell
Grace Clayton
Mrs. Donald Q. Cochran
Amy P. Colton
Mrs. Tom F. Cone
Mary H. Cook
Ms. Kelly P. Crockett
Dr. Rowena Cuffe
Mrs. Brownlee O. Currey, Jr.
Mrs. Albert J. Dale III
Dr. Julie B. Damp
Mrs. Lucian Davis
Mrs. Fred Dettwiller
Mrs. David Dingess
Michelle Dobbs
Julie Riven Dretler
Mrs. Claire Drowota
Susan H. Edwards
Patricia Elcan
Annette S. Eskind
Mrs. Bryan Essary
Kathleen J. Estes
Laurie Farris
Mrs. Kate Figler
Karen M. Fleming
Anne-Taylor Fones
Ashley Frist
Carol Frist
Elizabeth Frist
Mrs. Jillian Frist
Karyn McLaughlin Frist
Mrs. Thomas F. Frist, Jr.
Mrs. Thomas F. Frist III
Mary Gambill
Noel Geer
Bernice Gordon
Julie Gordon
Mrs. Kate R. W. Grayken
Carolyne Hadden
Carolyn Griffin Hall
Rachel B. Halvorson
Dr. Allison Hanlon
Lloyd Hannon
Cordia Harrington
Carlana Harwell
Elizabeth R. Hawkins
Joanne Haynes
Glenna Hazen
Cynthia B. Hickerson
Mrs. James T. Holbrook
Diane Holloway
Mrs. Christopher T. Holmes
Mrs. Thomas Hooper
Rebecca Russell Howard
Josephine Hull
Mrs. James V. Hunt, Sr.
Martha R. Ingram
Sarah L. Ingram
Mrs. E. Douglas Ivey
Catherine T. Jackson
Ellen R. Jacobson
Ashley Johnson
Mrs. R. Milton Johnson
Mrs. Samuel L. Johnson III
Mrs. Charles B. Kelley
Mrs. W. Cannon King
Mrs. Darlene Klaritch
Mrs. Louise Kohler
Mrs. John W. Lea IV
Gillian LeBrun
Ashley C. Levi
Mrs. John Powell Lowe
Patricia B. Malone
Laura Mastrapasqua
Kaaren May
Elizabeth McDonald
Mrs. John W. McDougall
Mrs. W. Douglas McDowell
Mrs. Monica Meeker
Paige Menge
Mrs. Jeffrey Moats
Sandra Morgan
Emily Jordan Noel
Felice Floyd Oldacre
Mrs. Bond E. Oman
Tree Paine
Eleanor Menefee Parkes
Mrs. Douglas Parsons
Donna J. Perlin, MD
Jane A. Pilkinton
Linda Pilson
Ellen Jones Pryor
Mrs. Douglas G. Pugh
Lisa Purcell
Mrs. Gustavus Adolphus Puryear IV
Mrs. Hugh M. Queener
Jan H. Ramsey
Jan Riven
Delphine Roberts
Mrs. Robert O. Rolfe
Anne Roos
Carole Rose
Nicola Ross
Anne L. Russell
Polly Ryerson
Lynn Samuels
Mrs. Frederic A. Scarola
Julie Schneider
Mrs. J. Ronald Scott
Mrs. James C. Seabury III
Cindy Shafer
Mary Jo Shankle
Susan W. Simons
Ashley Brown Smith
Janna Smith
Lyn Sohr
Mrs. James W. Spradley, Jr.
Elizabeth B. Stadler
Mrs. Thomas R. Steele
Beth Stinnett
Perian Strang
Joy Styles
Ann Teaff
Mrs. O. Cromwell Tidwell III
Mrs. Henry J. Topping
Mrs. James F. Turner, Jr.
Charita Upkins
Kathryn Walker
Mrs. John S. Warner
Leslie R. Waterman
Mrs. Ernest Williams III
Gail Williams
Mrs. Paul A. Wilson
Dallas H. Wilt
Lucianne Wilt
Mrs. H. Lee Woosley III
Shirley Zeitlin

Gentlemen’s Committee

C. Dale Allen
David Bruce Amiot
David G. Anderson
Mr. Michael Apperson
Mr. J. Hunter Atkins
James W. Ayers
H. Lee Barfield II
Colin M. Barker
Stephen E. Blackmon, Jr.
Claiborne Blevins
Peter Bourbeau
Jack Bovender, Jr.
Richard Bovender
Richard Bracken
John Auston Bridges
David H. Brown
Gary Brown
Martin Brown, Jr.
Dr. Phillip Brown
Del R. Bryant
Frank M. Bumstead
Rawls Butler
Mr. Michael Carter
John Chadwick
James H. Cheek III
Dr. André L. Churchwell
J. Overton Colton
John O. Colton
Charles W. Cook, Jr.
Dr. Michael Cuffe
Mr. Brownlee O. Currey, Jr.
Albert J. Dale III
Dr. Peter H. Damp
Rev. Fred Dettwiller
Kris Douglas
Charles Elcan
Daniel Elcan
Bryan Essary
Mr. V. Todd Figler
Matthew H. Fones
Bobby Frist
Bryan Frist
Dr. John Frist
Mr. Thomas F. Frist III
W. Harrison Frist, Jr.
Richard Geer
V. Carl George
Bob Gordon
Joel C. Gordon
Carl Grote III
T. Hartley Hall V
Hoyt D. Halvorson
Aubrey Harwell
Gary R. Haynes
Sam Hazen
J. L. Holloway
Mr. Christopher T. Holmes
Mr. Thomas Hooper
John A. Howard III
Robert Hull
David B. Ingram
Orrin H. Ingram II
Clay T. Jackson
Mr. R. Milton Johnson
Samuel L. Johnson
Mr. Charles B. Kelley
Mr. W. Cannon King
Mr. Tom Klaritch
Mr. Neil Kohler
Fletcher Lance
Dr. John W. Lea IV
Bobby L. Lovett, PhD
David J. Malone
Frank Mastrapasqua
Ben May
Rob A. McCabe
Will Meyer
Vaughn Scott Millette
Mr. Jeffrey Moats
Paul Davis Murfree
Mr. Lee F. Noel
Lance Paine
Jonathan B. Perlin, MD
Robert D. Pilkinton
Sid Pilson
Mr. Gustavus Adolphus Puryear IV
Hugh M. Queener
James G. Ramsey
Dudley C. Richter
Steve Riven
Kenneth L. Roberts
Seamus P. Ross
Joseph V. Russell
Mr. Frederic A. Scarola
Michael Schlosser
Mr. James C. Seabury III
W. Lucas Simons
Mr. Brian S. Smallwood
Brooks Smith
Scott Sohr
Mr. Thomas R. Steele
Don Stinnett
Mr. O. Cromwell Tidwell III
Henry J. Topping IV
James F. Turner, Jr.
Louis Upkins
Dr. Jan Van Eys
Bob Waterman
Ridley Wills II
S. Fleming Wilt
James Woodard



The committee lists are current as of May 8, 2020.


We thank these donors for their contributions to the 2020 Frist Gala.


Mr. and Mrs. David Amiot
David and Linda Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. James Armstrong
Leigh and Hunter Atkins
Edith McBride Bass
Mrs. James C. Bradford, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Bottorff
Frederick and Mary Lea Bryant
Mrs. John P. Campbell
Nancy and John Cheadle
André and Doreatha H. Churchwell
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Clay, Jr.
Sandra and Donald Cochran
John O. Colton
Mrs. Kelly P. Crockett Crook
Dr. and Mrs. Colin Crosby
Mr. and Mrs. Brownlee O. Currey, Jr.
Collie and Greg Daily
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Dale III
Peter and Julie Damp
Hylyn and Utpal Davé
Susan H. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elcan
Daniel G. Elcan
Glenda Emery
Annette S. Eskind
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Essary
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Ezell
Ron and Laurie Farris
Tracy and Keith Frazier
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Garrard
Carolyne Hadden
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hickerson III
Susan and Chris Holmes
Rob and Jody Hull
Jeff and Kim Leeper
Life Extension Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Looney, in honor of Lise Morrow
James L. Martineau and Patricia Martineau
Caroline Mazey
Robert L. McDill
Elizabeth and Mark McDonald
Kate and Todd McKee
Dr. Giacomo and Mrs. Monica Meeker
Karen and Todd Meredith
Annette and Ron Pruitt, in honor of Lise Morrow and Jody Hull
Lisa and Jack Purcell
Ms. Lee Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Rolfe
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sangervasi
Sandra Schatten Foundation
Teresa M. Sebastian
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Spitz
Jay and Christi Turner
Mish Tworkowski
Kelly and Jacob Unger
Eleanor Willis
Mr. and Mrs. W. Ridley Wills III

This list is current as of May 7, 2020.



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